Monday, 2 January 2012

Some lovely insider shots of our set.

This is Jess's living room. Jess's living room is used for "The victim" a.k.a Sarah's scene where unfortunately she it is a horror film opening. Sorry. We thought Jess's living room would be good as it shows Sarah in a normal environment, having a normal day...being normal before her tragic death. I also thought this would be quite effective because the set is quite cheery compared to the genre of the film (there's a Christmas Tree in the room. There's nothing eerie about that.) so there is nothing to give away the plot from this wouldn't expect her to die is what I mean.

This is a close up of the rug you can see in the first photo but I think you already knew that. Reason being as this rug happened to be very important to our film. Almost like a main character but not. See this rug was used during Sarah's death as we didn't want to ruin Jess's mum's floors with fake blood. We were given permission to use this old rug by Jess's mum as she was going to get rid of it anyway. It seemed like fate that it should be put in our film.

Even though the kitchen is shown in our film you don't actually see much of it. You only really see Sarah going to get a bottle of water from the fridge. This was again to give off the idea of normality.

Another shot of Jess's kitchen with a glimpse of her fridge. We had alot of fun making the fake blood in here. Well Jess and Sarah did. I hate blood. Blah.

Unlike my EVIL friends I cut myself out of this shot. Since i'm irrelevant to the picture. This is just another shot of Jess's living room where we see Sarah crossing to get into the kitchen and dying.

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