Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Cinema Listing for Enfield Cinema with a name i've forgotten.

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1,
Arthur Christmas,
Happy Feet Two 3D/Normal...D. :P
The thing,
My Week with Marilyn (dying to see that one!),
The adventures of TinTin: The secret of the Unicorn,
The big year,
Immortals 3D,
Dream house,
In Time,
Tower Heist,
Money Ball,
The Help,
Alfie Boe: Bring him home concert,

The digital film network. :)

The Digital Screen Network is a project or network since it is the digital screen network was created to help struggling independent film makers, restored classics, documentaries and films of a foreign language. They claim that digital screening cuts alot of the prices spent on releasing films and that by releasing independent films and such you're giving the audience a wider variety of film.

The Digital Screen Network was created by the UK film council and the Arts Council England.

Monday, 14 November 2011

My list of key terms that i've learned in Media that i will be updating throughout the year. :)

So here goes nothing -

Cinematography related shizz -
Noddy shot,
Weather shotm
Close up,
Camera angle,
Extreme close up,
Two shot,
Over the shoulder shot,
Soft/hard focus,
Long shot,
Full shot,
Mid shot,
Birds eye view,
Extreme long,
High angle,
Eye level shot,
Camera movement such as tilt, pan, steadicam, zoom in/out, reverse zoom,
Rule of thirds,
Cran (cherry picker),
Oblique angle,
Dutch tilt,
Tracking shot.

Sound stuffs.
No copyrighted music to be used in films.
That's really all there is to it i think. ;)

Editing yo work.
Cut (rapid/normal),
Over lap,
Jump cut,
Action match.

Mise-en-scene and all that jazz.
Production designm
Dominant (though i'm not sure if that's meant to go here),
Representation of gender, sexuality and race,
Contrasting foils,
Make up,
Camera proxemics,
Acting in general,
Body movement and language.

Theorists and their theories.
Roland Barthes - Enigma codes,
Claude Levi Strauss - Binary oppositions,
Chomsky - 'manufacturing consent',
Ferdinand De Saussure - semiotics,
Jenny Morris.

And that's all I have so far. Any questions? :)


So there was a picture of my iconography but I took it down for insecurity purposes. Although it doesn't actually look like a moodboard since it's only of my faviroute television programmes it actually does explain quite alot about me. In our first lesson of Media we were asked to write down how many hours a week we think we watch television and I answered that in a day I watch around 3 hours of television. That was a total lie. I'm ashamed to admit that I watch plenty more than that. Anything programmes that include sci-fi or fantasy have me hooked so I spend most of my time watching programmes such as Merlin, Supernatural and Doctor Who. Hence my iconography. I'm posting this blog to explain why I chose what I chose and how these images reflect me.

1st part - in the first part of my Iconography I mostly have images of Rory (played by the gorgeous Arthur Darvill) from Doctor Who. When I first started my moodboard this hadn't been my intention, in all honestly, but I chose to use his images rather than the whole cast of Doctor Who as he is currently my faviroute character on the programme. Rory is a character that I feel I can relate to on the programme because he's such an average guy, someone who has been dragged into the Doctor's adventurous land but still keeps himself and others grounded. Rory doesn't pretend to be something that he isn't and by that I mean that he never hides how he's feeling. If he's frightened, sad, insecure or just plain relieved he never tries to cover up his emotions. I added the angel wings and halo to his image to represent his protective nature as he is often shown trying to protect his wife Amy or watch over her just like an angel. Next to the picture of him in glasses i've stuck down the lyrics to One Directions song "You don't know you're beautiful." as Rory is a very insecure character and often feels second best in his wife's eyes to the Doctor when actually Amy is very much inlove with him and though she doesn't always tell him to his face there are scenes where she has mentioned to herself or others how much she cares/believes in him. She has once referred to him as a "hero" as she tells their child she knows he will save them both.

2nd part - the second part of my Iconography I based around my latest addiction Supernatural. Around the page I have scattered images of three main members of the cast and one signifier. In the top left hand corner I have a picture of the character Dean (played by the amazing Jensen Ackles) with tears swelling up in his eyes whereas on the right hand corner I have the image of Castiel (played by the dreamy Misha Collins.) grinning mischeviously and saying: "This is going to be so much fun." I chose these two images to show Claude Levi Strauss's idea of binary oppositions as the two images show two opposite emotions - happy and sad. Another binary opposition of these photos (if you watch the programme) is that Dean is the heroic (sort of) character whereas Castiel is shown to be evil as he has been taken over by a demon. In the middle of the moodboard there is a picture of Dean, Castiel and Sam (played by the hotness that is Jared Padelecki) staring out towards you. This is quite a serious shot of them unlike my other images which are all quite silly and fun of them. I chose this serious picture to contrast and represent the two sides of the programme - serious and comical. In the bottom right hand corner I have purposelly stuck the image of a trench coat. This is a signifier which is an idea came up with by Ferdinand De Sassure. The trench coat is there to represent the character of Castiel without actually showing an image of him, this is because Castiel always wears a trench coat and recently in the show has gone missing with the only thing they could find of him being the trench coat.

So that's my iconography and I hope you like it. I'm sorry that my analysis wasn't very good but I tried my best? :')

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Claude Lévi-Strauss: binary oppositions

Claude Levi-Strauss (not the many who invented denim jeans) was a french media theorist who said in this World we see things as opposites and when we think of one we always seem to relate back to the other. He focused on the narrative structure in films through the idea of Binary Oppositions for example -

Cat vs Dog,
Man vs Woman,
White vs Black etc.

We often see Binary Oppositions used in films such as -

Good vs Evil,
Past vs Present,
Normal vs Strange etc.

This is because we immediately know their opposite and assume that it is connected to the storyline. Especially with good vs evil. We know that the superhero is therefore there must be some form of Evil villain in the film because we know that the two concepts are opposite but are always used together.

Thursday, 22 September 2011

This was about filming our preliminary.

But we changed it from our last I wasn't sure how to delete it. So I deleted the comment cause i'm evil. :P and then I did some shizz to erase it. So if you really want to know about our preliminary i'll post links from my friends blogs and write my own -

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Jess is determined to follow my blog, so determined that she's getting cross at her computer...we really should be at mentoring right now...oh well. :)

Friday, 9 September 2011

So I just followed Harry's blog, which is cool. Follow him if you see him in my followed page. Yeah. xD
So this is my first blog for Media, not that anyone will read it but i thought since i have a free period that i'll get started. This blog will probably only be used for my Media work but I don't know that. I might decide to use it for other things too though I do tend to droan on alot. I've only just realised that i've named it my Sociology blog so if I can't change that then just a warning...i'm stupid and it's not Sociology. It's Media. Media, all Media and nothing but Media. I'll be posting all my school work on here etc etc. Basically so I don't get into trouble for doing things I shouldn't be during my Media projects I have to blog about it. And be precise with what I blog. For example I can't say that i've; "Just filmed the bit where I run across a busy road." because one - that's dangerous, two - that's stupid and three - i'll get into loads of trouble for it with the exam board. Oh and as I side note i'd like to add that I won't be doing that anyway. My Media projects won't involve that. I'm pretty certain i'd rather be alive so. It won't only include me in this blog though. I'll be working with my lovelys Sarah and Jess. There is an explanation behind why we called our production company "Padamoose" and any hardcore supernatural fans out there won't need an explanation. Our studio company is named "Gillet Studios" simply because we couldn't think of a name, happened to look up and see on the notice board our friend Thomas Gillet's work from year 9 or something. And Bam, Gillet Studios was born. I'm not gonna give you any hints or clues to what will be blogged on here so don't get any expectations. Infact expect the unexpected because we're gonna take each project as it comes and not just focus on a certain genre or topic. I'm gonna be creative about this and try not to stick to the norm. Who'd want to see the same thing over and over again? We'll/I'll just do whatever takes my fancy. So hopefully it won't bore you too much. And that's all I have to say. Thanks for reading? And have a