Tuesday, 31 January 2012

The Adventures of Ralph: Editing our final piece together post 1.

So today we decided (now that we've got all of our filming done) that we were going to eliminate the shots that we didn't feel worked (and there were lots of them...) and put down the ones we liked in the order we intend them to be in. We haven't added our transitions yet but when we tested a few on some of the clips they looked quite effective so hopefully we'll be adding them in next time. Unfortunately though today God decided that he would put an end to our short-lived luck. It turns out that the footage we filmed actually isn't that long. Well, not as long as we thought it would be. Infact it's about a minute and 20 seconds too short. Damnit. However being the film making geniuses that we three are we came up with a good idea of what we could add to the end of our footage to make it longer (not filler though...it's all relevant to the idea of Death and Satanism). In this extra footage you should be seeing Jess (the Satanist) talking to her 'friend' (Me) who actually turns out to be a figment of her imagination that's telling her to kill people. We're so original. :) Oh and also one of her other friends informs her that her friend (Sarah) was brutally murdered and wishes her well. Which is nice of them. But this isn't a nice film opening so we decided to make my character angry at the friend for interfering and tells Jess to go ABSOLUTELY CRAZY at them. Oh well...here's hoping everything goes okay from now on. Fingers crossed. I mean it can't get much worse from here, can it? *touch wood*

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