Monday, 2 January 2012

Questions on the film.

What do you need to establish environment?
To establish the environment during the scene of the victim we used a long shot although it doesn't show all of the room the audience know from what they can see that the character is at home, having a normal evening. Noramality was given off by this choice of shot.

To establish the environment during the scene of the Satanic Ritualist we used a crane shot to show the pentagram and the dark floor which is surrounded by candles. You can't see much of the room but you can see the character and the things surrounding her. This was to create a sense of mystery.

When do you show establishing information?
Our establishing information was shown in the opening of both scenes. We wanted the audience to be clear on what was happening before we got into the plot.

When do characters move and how do you show it?

Unlike the ritualist, the victim moves quite alot during her scene. We see her looking down at her phone, standing and walking into the kitchen, back into the living room, pausing and looking down at her stomach, falling in agony and dragging her hand across the rug. When we were filming her walking through to the kitchen and walking back out we used a variety of different shots and the ones we'll use will be decided later when we start editing.

The ritualist is sitting for most of her scene and the only real her victim. movement she has is when she lifts the notebook, crosses out the name of her victim and throws a bone into the bowl which she is performing the ritual in. We also filmed this in many different ways and will decide which one we use later when we edit.

Who's point of view is it from?
There isn't an actual p.o.v to our film. We're watching the characters as if we are there...which we're not...cause you wouldn't just watch someone die infront of you. Atleast I hope you wouldn't...I wouldn't...

When/why does the camera move?
During the death scene the camera moves quite alot as the camera follows the victim as she keels over and falls to the floor, spilling her guts and dying. A tragic death but it's a horror We use a tracking shot as we follow her into the kitchen.The only movement we see during the ritual film is when we use a close up on her face.

What are the significant eyelines and when do they change?
We see Jess glancing down at her notebook as she performs the ritual to show that she is concentrating on what she's saying. She also watches as she places the bone into the bowl but I don't think that that's very significant to the plot. A significant moment for the victim is when she realises that she's being killed/is bleeding to death when she glances down at her stomach to see the gash in her stomach.

I'm not sure what the last question means, sorry.


  1. If you have got some story board shots or screen shots from drafts you can add in to illustrate these points that'd be brilliant.

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