Monday, 2 January 2012

Our amazing prosthetics and costumes!

Blood. Blah. This is the costume of our victim, Sarah. :( We wanted to make it all look natural so we decided on having Sarah in pyjamas. I'd also like to point out that those particular pj bottoms are mine. They have robins on. I'm very hip. We also chose to use pyjamas as we didn't want to ruin anyone's clothes. Thanks to Sarah's mum for bringing Sarah home old Sainsbury's tops. You and Jess's mum's both have special mentions on my blog now.

More blood. Blah-er. Just incase of any misunderstandings I can promise you that we didn't slit Sarah open just for our scene. This cut is 100% made of wax and red washing up liquid. We owe our great prosthetic success to Jess's mum. Oh and the wax is from a face painting kit. We put alot of thought into this kind of thing.

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