Monday, 2 January 2012

Roles and Responsibilities of our group.

Director - That would be me, Hannah. I was in charge of actually getting everyone into position and how we were going to show our idea/image of the film to the audience. I don't know if I was any good at it but it sure was alot of fun. :)

Producer - Sarah. We've never really figured out what this term means. But that's what we decided Sarah is. From the name I get the impression that Sarah's job is to make it all happen. She gets everything prepared and ready and then I take over and say how I want it to be done. Well atleast that's what I think.

Editor - Sarah again. Sarah gets to edit our project together once we've done filming.

Director of cinematography - Not only am I, Hannah, director of the project as a whole but i'm also the director of cinematography. It sounds fancy but actually it just means cameraman. Oh well.

Lighting - Sarah...again. I'm beginning to see a pattern forming. Essentially Sarah has to fix the lighting if we have any lighting issues.

Craft Services - Here's where the pattern breaks. Jess is in charge of craft services.

Make up - Jess again. Jess dealt with all the make up before we started filming. She had to make herself look evil as well...which was interesting.

Costume - Jess also has to plan and get everyone's costumes. Jess came up with the brilliant idea of wearing a cloak! It looked really creepy. We were chuffed.

Prop Wrangler - That was me. My job was to collect all the props together and make sure they made it to Set (Jess's house).

Transport Manager - That was me but it turned out we didn't need anyone to transport us anywhere. But my mum took me and Sarah home after tiring days of filming. Thanks mum. :)

Cast - Jess & Sarah. Jess was the evil ritualist and Sarah died. Sorry Sarah.

Location Manager - This was Jess as it was her house.

Continuity Editor - Sarah. So once it's all filmed Sarah get's to check if we've made any continuity errors. She also had to do this while we were filming. If it turns out we do have any then we may have to refilm. Which would suck.

Set Dresser - Jess made the set look all pretty and nice before we filmed. Then when we filmed her Satanic bit she made it all scary. She did a good job.

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