Monday, 2 January 2012

Our shooting schedule and a brief apology.

Firstly i'd just like to say that i'm sorry that nothing was posted onto my blog until the last minute. Honestly I have no excuse as to why not other than that Christmas is my faviroute time of year and that distracts me from my school responsibilities. But this is important so i've spent half the day trying to work out exactly what i'm going to write when it comes to my later posts where I answer questions on our film. Yeah...:)

December 22nd: death/blood/carpet scene.
December 29th: pentagram/ritual scene
January 1st - January 10th: re-filming/corrections as needed.
This is was our shooting schedule. And surprisingly we stuck to it/are sticking to it but I think by now we've got all the filming we need and such.

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