Monday, 2 January 2012

Any extra information.

Our film opening is set in the 21st century, modern era. Where we see a girl kill another girl using a Satanic Ritual. So the main themes of our film our death and satanism. Where did we get inspiration to make such a creepy film opening? Supernatural. Supernatural, all of Supernatural and nothing but Supernatural. Though Sarah and Jess have probably added in other things that have inspired them. For me it was all Supernatural. I wanted to do something that would relate back to Supernatural as i've always wondered what it's like to film scenes that involve...unnatural things. I think...yeah. So by doing a horror film opening based around a Satanic Ritual that was my way of attempting that.

The scene of the victim should be filmed in a natural setting. Somewhere like a house (which we ended up using) where there's no signs of something shocking about to happen. The victim should be doing something normal like sitting watch tv or reading a book rather than doing something that wouldn't fit in with the setting like something really energetic. The only props the victim uses in this scene is a phone and a water bottle. The character wears a set of pyjamas to give off the idea that she's relaxed at home.

The scene of the Satanic Ritualist should be filmed in a dark, quite space. The actual setting shouldn't be clear to the audience to give off the sense of mystery. The only lighting visible should be from the candles laying around the pentagram. The only props in this scene are the candles, the pentagram, two glittery skulls and the notebook she uses to read the ritual from. The character is wearing dark clothes that blend into the background with a cloak hung around her shoulders. Only her face is properly visible in the dim lighting.

Colour Palette...i'm stumped as to what that means. But I think I may have answered that in my paragraphs or I hope so.

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