Monday, 2 January 2012

Our props and health and safety precautions.

What's this? Aah well this is a pentagram made out of thousands of tiny bits of paper. If we're pretending to do a Satanic ritual we figured we might as well make it convincing. And in the end it was worth it as while we were filming it looked really good. There were a few mishaps with the paper. We learned the hard way that if you have lots of little bits of paper all stacked on top of each other to make a shape and happen to accidentally move the blanket they're laying on then your whole shape will be ruined and you have to make up the shape all over again. To make the setting dark we blocked up all the windows surrounding this area (with Christmas cards) and turned off all the lights. The only light we left on was the light coming from upstairs as without it Ralph (our group camera) couldn't see as the dim candlelight wasn't enough. Candle wise we made sure that the candles were at a suitable distance away from the blanket as we didn't want to set Jess's duvet alight. Sarah's knowledge of fire safety due to her Dad once being a fireman was very useful in this matter.

While taking set pictures and filming we did the very wise thing of keeping with us everywhere a cup or two of water so that incase of an emergency with the candles we could save Jess and her duvet. Another special mention to Jess's mum as supervised while we filmed as well. Incase our cups of water didn't work. Jess's mum is amazing by the way.

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