Monday, 6 February 2012

Herbert Marcuse presentation.

Turns out I can't use my blog. Well...there's my presentation anyway. :)


  1. Lovely, thanks. Accurate and succinct.

    Couple of ideas for you to add to it:

    1) Any chance of adding the motion paths so when the play button is pressed it takes the viewer through the different parts of the presentation please? (or have you done so and my computer is just busy being rubbish)?

    2)Could you apply this theory to how a film institution targets or treats its audience or how an audience will respond to a particular film? Can you (EXT alert) also apply it to the theories of institutional and audience power we looked at a few lessons ago?

    1. Enforced addenda, courtesy of Mrs S:

      a) It isn't "my" "rubbish" computer, it is hers. I need to work out why the internet stopped working on mine and stop using hers. Apparently. (Whilst she's not looking, I know exactly why it stopped working.../glowers darkly).

      b) It isn't rubbish. It is big and "pretty" (it has a Tinkerbell sticker and a Peter Rabbit sticker on it is what I think she means).

      There, husbandly duty done.

      I'm getting a round of applause.

  2. I have nothing to say to your last comment Sir other than well done on doing your husbandly duty on my blog. And she's right...just because she has a glamorous computer and your computer is boring doesn't make her's rubbish. It makes it better than yours. :)

    On a homework note I only just got your first comment (and last courtesy of Mrs S) this morning so in my two free periods today i'll see if I can add some more. If not i'll do so tonight or tommorow...If I remember. I think I will. I'll make a note on the back of my hand.