Wednesday, 22 February 2012

The adventures of Ralph: editing our final piece together post. 2

This is the start of what we hope will be the song that plays during the beginning sequence of our film opening (courtsey of Sarah and a piano). We were working on this on Tuesday because Sarah found a song (Midnight Syndicate - grisly reminder) that would've been perfect for our project had it not been copywright/right...I can't spell...but yeah it would've been that if we'd used it so we came up with the decision to make our own song. We're a very fortunate/lucky group as we have Sarah who is a musical genius and knows how to work this strange device known as a Piano. So together (+ Livvy) we crowded around the piano in the hall and started (if i'm honest) pressing keys until we found a general idea of the sound we wanted. Then Sarah started noting down some keys and this is what she has come up with so far. She's brilliant. :) So's for you to take a look at examiner (+ anyone who views our blog. And sir though he will more than likely write a witty/sarcastic comment as this is something i've realised he enjoys doing on my blog...when he's not being serious...) and I hope you like it.

p.s I just realised I named this post the adventures of Ralph when actually Ralph wasn't what was used to record the sound of Sarah playing the piano (I don't think). Ralph didn't play much of a part in this at all...


  1. If Milli Vanilli can get away with it, so can Ralph.


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