Friday, 27 April 2012

Final project storyboard explanation.

This is our final storyboard for our project. We filmed this last week some time in our free period. Unfortunately it was other people's free period as well and they also wanted to work on their Media. Ignore Luke and Livvy in the background. I couldn't as I was there and could feel them behind me but you can try to. I'm sorry that this video is so long. We had to explain what each individual shot meant in our Dream Sequence and that took quite a while.

P.S Don't listen to us when it says there is still time for a coke. There's never time for a coke when that sign comes up.


  1. Thought it might be worth noting that pretty much everything past the 9:25 mark glitches up and starts sounding like an SNMT record... not sure if on my end or a bad export.

    (Also did the part where I started fishing for the mouse with the mic stand come out on this? I think it was post-glitchy cut if it did...)

  2. Add the label 'research and planning'