Sunday, 29 April 2012

Coursework Development.


  1. Thanks Hannah.

    If you've got any of the footage from the drafts to hand, get it up as well as an accompanying piece or embed it into your presentation so people can see the changes. (I have just seen you have it at the end...might be worthwhile reordering the slides so people can see the specific parts mid presentation for ease of understanding).

    Any chance of some screenshots adding in?

    have a quick proof read of the text too, the odd moment of awkward phrasing.

    1. I awkwardly phrase things all the time because I can't write! But yes I am going to proof read the text.

      I'll be re-doing it anyway because I accidentally ranted about our 1st draft just so I could use my faviroute word: "Perish" in my coursework. I'm going to screencap some of the feedback on each draft as well so.

    2. Good good. Have fun. You could also add the label 'research and planning' to this post as it sums up your creative process.