Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Our first ever filming diary! (Sort of)

I added sort of at the end because this video diary comes from the first time we ever filmed and at that time we didn't really know that we had to do video diarys and constantly keep our blogs updated. But fortunately for us i'm the most annoying person when handed a camera. I HAVE TO FILM EVERYTHING. And that is what I did. So yesterday we put together a compliation of clips that could suffice as a video diary of the many things I filmed. You're welcome. :)

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  1. last post about this I promise but just want to make sure you've really go this - ADD LABELS TO EACH POST TO CATEGORISE THEM. The main labelling convention you're missing is all these posts about the creation of your coursework which really need a label 'research and planning ' adding to them. Then when you've added the label gadget as the youtube video in a previous comment helps you the moderator will just be able to click on the label and see everything they need to and not have to go a-searching.