Friday, 9 September 2011

So this is my first blog for Media, not that anyone will read it but i thought since i have a free period that i'll get started. This blog will probably only be used for my Media work but I don't know that. I might decide to use it for other things too though I do tend to droan on alot. I've only just realised that i've named it my Sociology blog so if I can't change that then just a warning...i'm stupid and it's not Sociology. It's Media. Media, all Media and nothing but Media. I'll be posting all my school work on here etc etc. Basically so I don't get into trouble for doing things I shouldn't be during my Media projects I have to blog about it. And be precise with what I blog. For example I can't say that i've; "Just filmed the bit where I run across a busy road." because one - that's dangerous, two - that's stupid and three - i'll get into loads of trouble for it with the exam board. Oh and as I side note i'd like to add that I won't be doing that anyway. My Media projects won't involve that. I'm pretty certain i'd rather be alive so. It won't only include me in this blog though. I'll be working with my lovelys Sarah and Jess. There is an explanation behind why we called our production company "Padamoose" and any hardcore supernatural fans out there won't need an explanation. Our studio company is named "Gillet Studios" simply because we couldn't think of a name, happened to look up and see on the notice board our friend Thomas Gillet's work from year 9 or something. And Bam, Gillet Studios was born. I'm not gonna give you any hints or clues to what will be blogged on here so don't get any expectations. Infact expect the unexpected because we're gonna take each project as it comes and not just focus on a certain genre or topic. I'm gonna be creative about this and try not to stick to the norm. Who'd want to see the same thing over and over again? We'll/I'll just do whatever takes my fancy. So hopefully it won't bore you too much. And that's all I have to say. Thanks for reading? And have a

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  1. Hannah, just to confirm that completes your blog check my end. Please make sure you action any of my comments really really swiftly so I can get your final mark agreed with all concerned before sending it off to the board. We've got a tentative grade agreed based on as is now, make sure any changes you want to make are done. Marks have to be off on Tuesday. One thing you must think carefully about are LABELS.